The De-Evilution of Man 2: Triple Helix

The Triple helix and Masonic Symbolism

In My previous Article, I discussed the agenda hidden in the rites and rituals of Freemasonry/Mason secret societies. I explained that their goal is to evolve mankind from that which is merely human to hybrids, androids etc in order to shape a new breed of divine man (Gods/super beings).

In This 2nd installment I discuss the current agenda; fusion of Man and this spiritual force through use of symbols. Since the Masonic secret is Revealed in the Bible,it will be our source.Also I just wanted to add, there is alot of churches,so called christians,Gospel Artists and Pastors(televangelists)that are involved in Masonry.This is why we have to be aware of these things.They are Mixing the word of God with doctrines of devils so as to deceive and mislead.

This article is not to cast unrighteous judgements(which condemns to hell and damnation) but to cast righteous judgements(for correction,preparation and purification of God's people).


Daniel 2:43 "They Shall Mingle Themselves With The Seed Of Men"

Triple Helix-

Normal DNA structure has two strands, this DNA has 3 (in above pic).

Idea of adding a third strand to the DNA structure.This is currently being studied and experiments are being done.They mix DNA of man with that of animals(beast).They say its an advancement that may cure illness or diseases. But then you are considered Hybrids (part man part animal). They (Masons/New Agers) believe this is the next step in Evolution of man.

The truth of it; to evolve man into what they think is divine/immortal/Gods/super beings (live longer and conquer death).Same idea as Transhuminism.
Now humans are being conditioned to be dependent on Technology instead of their own human capabilities. Man will be replaced by machines/robots...or become one.

On a Website Called; New DNA, New Consciousness,New Intelligence New Agers quote:

"For those who embrace the change and the newness they are coming into a new way of being THE THIRD STRAND OF DNA DEVELOPING IN YOUR BODY MAKES YOU A CHRIST. A living, HOLY TRINITY. In realizing your self as the trinity you will move beyond duality..."

How this connects to Masons...

Masonic Author John T Lawrence
"Mason Jurisprudence"

"Thus we (masons) have THREE degrees, THREE great lights,THREE principle officers, THREE sets of working tools.THREE steps, THREE assassins, THREE searching lodges, THREE grandmasters and THREE orders of architecture."

"In fact the respect paid by Freemasons to this NUMBER goes far as the Egyptian rites and ceremonies"

When one is being initiated into Masonry. They have a ritual where your blind folded and they hang a "cable tow" (rope/noose)around the neck and its a three strand cord.To represent the Triple Helix. Initiation into the secret order.

Morals and Dogmas

"The initiate was invested with a CORD OF THREE THREAD, so twined as to make three times three and called zennar. Hence comes our "CABLE TOW"

Bible- Ecclesiastes 4:12 "and if one prevail against him;and a THREE FOLD CORD is not quickly broken -obviously taken from the scriptures.

FUSION (3 finger Triple Helix/As above so below)

In the 1st article(The De-Evilution of Man Pt1) I displayed the Masonic Compass and described the symbolic meaning behind this masonic instrument. (please refer back to that article to understand this section). It basically represents what was taking place in the book of Genesis where Angels (fallen Angels/demons) were mating with earthly women creating these hybrids; giants and mighty men of old.Gen6:1-4.

Fusion of the Opposites, Male and female, good and evil, night and day . This picture of the Masonic temple reveals the fusion and merging of opposites.Even the black and white checkered board floors is evident of this code(dark and light).They call this idea balancing the energies. Finding your balance (balancing evil, dark side with the good,light)

This is a mockery of God's words that clearly says "What fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness?and what communion hath light with Darkness? And what concord hath Christ with Belial...? 2Corinthians 6 vs 14-16

Cannot balance Good and Evil and merge opposites.Creates chaos.this is why God clearly warns us not to mix Godly with unGodly.


(Note: The 3 finger triple helix gesture.)

Baphomet represents all of these things, he holds up the three finger(triple helix). right hand extends to the heaven, left hand extend to the earth.
"As above so below" Sons of God(heavenly beings) mingle with daughters of man(earthly beings)this coincides with the Masonic Com pas symbolism. You will even catch various versions of this symbol in music videos, movies etc. They will mostly use the top of its head ( GoatHead) an upside down star/pentagram also represents the baphomet.

This Image of Christ (contrary to what christians think, is not a representation of Christ but of the Anti-Christ, as is indicated by the three extended fingers triple helix)

His hand gesture reveals what/who he is and the agenda. Three fingers pointing up and others pointing down (sons of God daughters of man).
Also not accusing the Pope or casting judgments but watch when he does his blessings.
he holds his hand up in the same way.

This is another form of the triple helix symbolical use. The symbol varies with each use. Take the recycling symbol or the symbol for Mitsubishi or even the Google Chrome symbol. These are all representation of triple Helix along with billions of others. In my 1st article I mention how Big name Companies are influenced greatly by Masonry and New Age Ideas and beliefs.


I have done an article on this symbology which is used in music (Artists)

It represents the "eye" of Enlightenment. Satanic eye (to see through the third eye means you have tapped into the knowlege of the secret order). It will mostly appear with the pyramid symbol (3 sides) This symbol also appears on the back of dollar bills. Notice the Pyramid it sits on top of. Masonic pyramid.Masons are architects building the temple for their God (This was explained in Part 1).

As you can see number 3 has variations in Masonry/Illuminati. It is used to mock Christ and the Holy Trinity (holyspirit, God and Christ). So is the wearing of a cross by those who promote sex, alcohol, foul languages, violence etc in movies and music. Doesnt neccessarily mean they are Christians. Think about it wearing a cross while you sing songs about sex,promiscuity etc...? pretty explanatory. Its Blasphemy of the Holy Spirit...

So is a man wearing a dress so he can go into his alter ego to mock Christ and Christianity to make you laugh. Promoting Androgeny (alter ego-fusion of good and bad nature) intermingling of man/woman as one (like Baphomet which is an androgeny figure it has both male and female parts)

Not saying Tyler is involved with Masonry but the Industry that he is a part of (Hollywood) is. And to continue to succeed in Hollywood you have to denounce the True Christ.

In conclusion... this will sum it all up
The triple Helix symbol formed using the 666. Also seen in the letter "O" another symbol of the Triple Helix is placed. Something to think about.

Jeremiah 4:22 "For my people is foolish, they have not known me; They have none understanding; they are wise to do evil,but to do good they have no knowlege.

credits pastor mike hoggard


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  2. We need to awake from sleep..and turn to the Almighty God..before its too late. Repent!!!!

  3. There was a kid born with 3 strands of DNA. Poor kid had severe disabilities. :(