"Rain Man" In Music

“Rain Man” defined.

Rain (noun) water that has fallen as rain, rain water, a heavy fall, descent of this water.(Verb) to send down rain, to fall as drops of water from clouds, to give or administer abundantly etc..

The name “Rain” means abundant blessings from Above. It can be used for male or female. So Rain Man is referring to a male.
So we can arrive that Rain Man have several meanings

1. Abundant blessings from above man
2. A man that offers abundant blessings from above.
3. A man who likes to make it rain (throw money at strippers in a club)Urban dictionary.

lil wayne

Fat Joe and lil Wayne

“Make it Rain”

Lyrics: “Yeah I’m in this business of terror got a handful of stacks betta grab an umbrella…I make it rain, I make it rain on them H***”

Lil Wayne featuring T-Pain

“Got Money" Lyrics:

“Young Wayne on them H*** A.K.A make it rain on them H***”
“Every body say Mr. Rain Man can we have a rainy day? Bring a umbrella, please bring an umbrella…”

Ya Boy featuring Lil Wayne
“Rain Man”

Gucci Mane

Rain man lyrics;
Imma Rain Man, I make it thunderstorm, I make it Hurricane”
…rain this way that’s what all the strippers say”
Rain Man go away that’s what all the haters say”

Umbrella meanings

Umbrella defined
1. Collapsible canopy that protects from the rain or sun
2. Object like an umbrella
3. Something that gives support, protection, or authority

Umbrella in Latin also translate to “shadow” under the influence of Umbra “shadow” (Encarta world English dictionary)
Umbra can also mean Phantom or Ghost.


The name Umbra appears in the Necronomicon which is a “Fictional” occult book of demonology by H.P. Love Craft.

In the book umbra is one of the thirteen globes of Yog Sothoth a celestial body.
“Twelfth is UMBRA, He appeared like a giant: he can convey money from place to place if though bid him and bestow the love of any woman that though desireth.”
Basically UMBRA is a devil

“Umbrella" Rihanna

(sorry for bringing her up but she will appear in most blogs until she gets help)
In "Umbrella" Jay sings “rain man” is back with little miss sunshine Rihanna where you at?”

Notice “rain man” and Jay are two separate people in that lyric. It says “jay, Rain Man is back with little miss sunshine…” The entity introduced its self as rain man and Rihanna respond saying...
”you had my heart and we will never be world apart…your part of my Entity here for Infinity…”

This song is not about love for a man but a spirit (fallen spirit name Rain Man). Rihanna herself stated on the set of the umbrella video that this song “has a deeper meaning to it, you have to really listen to it” It is possible that Rain Man is a devil?
well he showed up in her video didn't he? here he is if you didn't catch him...
rain man

Baphomet in a pyramid (all seeing eye pyramid) her arms are the outstretched horns, head digitally altered to form the snout. Shoulders eye sockets. Legs the jaw structure.

continuing on...

Devil makes promises if you worship him (as you would worship a God)
Book of Mathew:

Temptation of Christ..(worldly gain)

{8} Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. {9} "All this I will give you," he said, "if you will bow down and worship me." Mathew 4

Rain man is a god (devil) who offers abundant blessings from above like, money, fame and women. But with a heavy price. You are in bondage… Notice how miserable these artists look and seem? they are not truly happy.
Some portray this in their lyrics. for example

Lil Wayne, Eminem and Joe Budden
Song; The bad, the sad and the hated (you can look the lyrics of this song up for yourselves, it is pretty depressing).


Makes it no secret who’s on his side and how he got where he is.So I didn't have to dig too deep on his issues.

Onstage introduction “rain man” 06 with Proof (his friend)

“my name isn’t going to be slim shady no more, no more Eminem either, I don’t even go by my government name Marshal Mathers…if I do come back you know what my new name gon be? “Rain Man”

Rain Man song lyric;
“I aint got no legs or no brain, nice to meet you…I forgot my name, My name is not to become what I became at this level of fame, my soul is possessed by this devil…my new name is Rain Man”In another live performance he declares in his lyrics “Captain of a cult with an Elite Following” and he mentions the Anti-Christ.
Eminem more in depth of his possession of this entity Rain Man…in “My Darling” where he is conversing with the devil.

My Darling

The Entity speaks;

“This is what you wanted your whole life right boo?
Look at this house, look at these cars, Im soo nice ooohh!
Oh but you didn’t know that fame has a price too?
That your just seeing the downside too?
Loose your best friend from highschool, your wife too
Aint even sure your kid like you…”

"If I cannot have you then no one can
You’re my darling, cuz I possess your soul
Your heart, your mind and your body."

And his songs continues on about being possessed. In another song 3am (which is the demonic witching hour) and so forth. In the album” Relapsed” Eminem makes numerous mentioning of this “Rain man” entity.

Rain Man the 1988 film

In the movie “Rain Man” starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman

A character name Raymond is given the nick name Rain Man by his brother Charlie.
In the movie, Raymond is taken by his brother to a casino where helps Charlie win money.
The character Rain Man is used consistently by his brother for selfish gains.
in one scene...

Woman: “you’re using Raymond, like you use every body.”
Charlie: “I’m using Raymond…Raymond am I using you?”
Raymond: “Yeah”
In one scene Raymond goes through a “transformation” where he is made over to look less savant by his brother.Raymond is suited up to match is Brother Charlie.

In Eminem’s Video “We Made You”

Eminem plays Raymond and Dre plays Charlie. Do you see the connection here? Eminem is Used as Dre’s tool for gains, at the cost of Eminem’s soul (which is possessed).

Back to Jay Z

MTV news room Article titled:

“Jay Z calls His Way with Words the “Rain Man” Flow.”The

article stated; …”though his rhymes are constructed in advance, he never actually writes a word down on paper.”

He refers to his gift as his “Rain Man Flow” named after Dustin Hoffman’s number rattling idiot savant in the 1988 film.

Jay z stated; “ that he use to write down words before he got into the “Rain Man” theme…he then made a connection to how the character in that movie (Rain Man) just started mumbling numbers to describe the process that takes place when he comes up with his own lyrics.

“I started doing Hidden Messages into music to remove the technical then it evolved from there…I guess I am an idiot savant as well” Jay Z on MTV news

Jay z in the studio awhile back stated…

“I look at music like a puzzle, like I try to figure out what Imma say on there, figure out the emotion on the track what its saying…then I go through my RAIN MAN.I cant explain it to yall It just comes out the air for me you start mumbling…”

Idiot Savant-
Remember; “I aint got no legs...or NO BRAIN nice to meet you, Hi my name is… I forgot my name (indicating idiot savant in rain man movie) my name was not to become what I became with this level of fame, My soul is possessed by this devil…my new name is RAIN MAN.
lyrics to Eminem's "Rain Man."

So this Rain Man entity is it a demonic possession that takes over these artists to manipulate and brainwash listeners?

Musical Being...Lucifer (fallen Angel)

Remember Lucifer was created to make music in heaven. When he was cast out of heaven for wanting to be like God. Here today he makes himself known through the very thing he does best…music. And his name is “Rain Man”
to some.

Only difference between Eminem and Jay is that one tells you straight out who is running things. The other seems to be in denial or use hidden messages and masquerade about flashing signs when he too is being used by a demonic entity.

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  1. Well damn, something to think about, huh?

  2. well thanks for contributing to this blog. I provided many bibliography if you paid attention to this blog as well as the rest.I dont support religion because evil derives from it.Hence the religions that musicians currently take an involvement in such as worshipping egyptian God's or fans worshipping Musicians as Gods this is a form of religion as well. do not generalize jews, arabs or catholic people. I have met some of each group who do not fit what the Media has fed you.the deception is in the lies told over history about true spirituality for you were told it goes hand and hand with "religion" for that I am sorry. thanks again for posting.

  3. I've been following this topic down the rabbit hole and the deeper it goes, the more I'm able to see the real war against YAWEH. It's just real, folks. Wake up.

    Thanks for posting this.

  4. Dude when the world end, and they see JESUS and have to give an account for what they've done on earth. That is going to be something; I mean really you may live for only 60 + years on earth and have to spend over 70,000 years in hell be serious nothing is worth that.

  5. your following statistical means saying supposedly theres a heaven and hell and supposedly theres a set amount of time a person will serve in hell if they go there which is all information fed to the public by various religious groups. what hes saying is you should look into things on your own and make your own claims about things. there are still a handful of people that go by christian, catholic, and/or jewish because their beliefs after research and coming to conclusion fall relatively close to the said religion so they go by it.... i wish more people did this. -_-
    anyway iv found this very interesting and hope to hear more from you and more of your research. :)

  6. I appreciate the fact individuals are taking the time to wake up the masses. Planting the seed on one's mind. It is unfortunate that we are dealing with a being that has studied mankind from creation. Knows us better then we do ourselves. People today are so ignorant to the realities of the world. More concerned with whom Lebron signs with, how extravagant Chelsea's wedding was and etc. Mere distractions in today's society. Man is too busy being divided from amongst each other through race, religion, culture, class and etc. It is no wonder we are mere puppets and a disgraceful creation to these beings. Unfit to be loved by (Insert Your God Here).

  7. its really interesting,but all i would like to say is that no matter ur condition,dont try to be materialistic.and always think before u act cos a ve seen that this worldly things will not send us any where.u see i was shocked when i heard this but i ve now seen its not a big deal.plz keep ao feeding us with informations like this cos it helps us to be vigilant.

  8. wow thank you all for the comments! Very encouraging to see that their are people out there who are open to seek knowlege and truths! Praise God. I havent visited my own blogs for months now...I will try to do some more post on this topic:)

  9. More people are waking up. Never give up on researching more. Never give up on spreading the truth. There are more of us out there than you think, you will be surprised. DON'T let people bother you who think you're "crazy" or whatever. Keep pushing forward. :)

  10. it kills me to think that lyrical artists of rap and hip are trying to pass on a brainwash from the devil! it's something to look into but my only question is why would they try to pronounce something so damn evil. it's hard to believe that they would try to make us worship the devil much less themselves worship the devil why throw your soul into an abiss of pain and suffering for an eternity if you believe in an out of body heaven then why not worship the god that guarantees the paradise for an eternity? Maybe these accusations are right maybe not maybe Rain Man is just something that an artist made up and it slowly spread around the other artists cause it was popular to the crowd? either way it's an interesting subject and something fun to look into never stop researching :)

  11. There are soo many more artists being used by demonic forces (Nicki Minaj as one, who recently stated "she has a being inside her name Roman who is violent and do things she wouldnt similar to what Beyonce says in interviews about Sasha Fierce)But please keep your eyes and ears wide open. Bible said to "Watch and Pray" I truly believe these are the times to be extremely watchful and prayerful. Devil is like a roaring lion and time is running out for him so he is hustling up as many souls.He is most after the Church.Dig deep in this topic the bible instructs us to this.I will try to do blogs about false christianity in Hollywood and Music Industry as well. Love you all. thanks again!

  12. Also check out my profile for my other blogs and writings. In my "truth" series I am currently working on some new things. post your comments and your thoughts and ideas. Any comments that are offensive will be deleted so please you can discuss topics in a civil manner (agreeing or disagreeing) without being direspectful.

  13. I Love you so Much !!!
    You are a fucking Genius Lady !!!
    What do you thinkabout Dan brown anyway and illuminati .
    I am from India , My dad is a researcher .
    I am only 14 but i know a good deal about it.
    If you get to know anything else . Mail me at shrutisingh_delhi@yahoo.in
    Please , I will thank you from the bottom of my heart !

  14. thanks siddharth:0 all the way from India. want to visit Indian some day:)
    you can check back from time to time on my blogs. Dan Brown that author of Davinci Code..which I have read and thought was blasphemous lies, some are facts but majority was made up (about Christ and Mary Magdeline). sad that people made this book their ultimate source of truth LOL. He made billions on peoples ignorance. But there is tons of info on Dan Brown and Illuminati...keep researching. and I forgive you for using the F' word...
    Keep your eyes open and God bless. Good that at your age your informing yourself on such things. peace:)

  15. Hello Melecia. I've just started watching youtube videos on the industry, my brother showed it to me and I found it very interesting and too freaky. Oh yea I hail from San Francisco. I am shocked and its just crazy. I have a lot of questions about everything. To me, it seems to make sense. This spiritual war has been going on since way back when. Its scary to think about. Thanks for posting it and I will keep researching. I plan to keep digging. I think people should peep it out and take it how they want to take it. So I hope all is well with you. Love and Peace.

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  17. thank you for this info.. I'm glad to share it with my brothers and sisters..may God bless you more...

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  19. I did some research myself check this out...
    This relates to 2pac do some research on killuminati she does have a point...

  20. Signs of illuminati


  21. A companion of the Messenger of God Narrates...

    Abu Hurairah (radhiyallahu anhu) narrates that the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: "Listening to music and singing is sinful. Sitting at such gatherings is fisq (immoral transgression). Deriving pleasure from it is kufr (disbelief)." (Nailul Autaar)

    The evil of music and singing is sufficiently abominable to warrant it being lumped together with zina (fornication). O­ne Hadith describes singing as "the spell of shaitaan."

    The Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said: "Verily, Allah Ta'ala (The Most High) sent me as a Mercy and a Guide to the worlds, and He has commanded me to destroy musical instruments……"


    1. With all due respect, what you're saying is totally opposite of the reality from what I witnessed in the Gulf. Honestly...

  22. Today I ramdoly looked at a music video and sure there was the rain, let it rain, and money falling from the sky and rain falling yeap every day this more and more in the music videos watch out for your kids since these is more aimed to them than to us.
    look at it in youtube Nari&Milani And Cristian Marchi With Max C - Let It Rain

  23. Thank you for shedding light on the demon worship the entertainment industry indulges in. They make it very plain and obvious. May the Lord bless the youth with discernment so their thoughts are not full of demon worship.

    A warning to the Illuminati and their servants

    "Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn." Matthew 13:30

    If anyone chooses to submit to God instead of the world they will be given eternal life!

    "If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9

  24. Just something quick to "Joe blogs." You have the right to believe whatever you want and I'm not going to argue with you about it, but if you believe in God, then you should believe in the devil. It's a part of believing in God; it's part if His story. Don't be fooled, the devils greatest trick is making people believe he doesn't exist. If you have the absence of God, the absence of love and you shoot someone of your "free will," evil has won, hasn't it?

  25. Why Lucifer the tempter always described as Black men Angel-like in the Picture?? I need a full explaination about this.. My email hlezarobbzin@gmail.com

  26. Well done! No one ever even questions why 40+ artists keep giving shout-outs to the same name.

    Like you said, they just bob their heads & think about nothing

  27. I think rain man meaning "Rein man"

  28. all of them they gonna be perished if they don't return to God but they have tym to return right now Jesus is still calling to every one we have Merciful God who can forgive every one regardless on how much he sin

    Mathie 7:28 luke24:45-49

  29. If I may add something , I am not a christian but Muslim and in the Quran the ''rain man'' is stated as the one-eyed creature that will try to take ovre the world and it is written that this creature will have super powers like ''Make it rain'' so it is clear to us that this ''rain man'' is that very same creature that Allah is warning us from !