Symbolism In Music Part 1: The Movement

Baphomet, Lightening Bolt and All seeing Eye.

“And ye shall know them by their fruit” Mathew 7:16

Note: I am in no way labeling these people as Devil Worshippers.

Symbols have no power over one, these symbols are used only to identify what/who they are representing (who they work for, or what organization their a part of)
Let us examine (short description) some of these symbols used often in music by these Artists.

Baphomet (brief origins). Half man half goat-and inbetween

It’s simply a representation of the devil which can manifest as a female (noted by female breasts) and male (noted by penis).

Note the five pointed Hexagram on its head

Goat God Pan became equated with the devil in medieval Christianity. Occultists the goat symbolizes the elemental energies of the earth. In witchcraft covens the goat head is seen to symbolize the ancient deity.

In Tarat it is the Major Arcana Card # 15 the Devil Which is a symbolism of people who strive for Material Gain rather than Spiritual
One harm points up and one down, with the latin “solve et Coagula” (As above so below) written on them.

It is also tied to Aleister Crowley (a notorious Satan worshiper)

Satanists from the Church of Satan, founded by Anton LaVey in 1966, usually claim that Baphomet is the name of their identifying sigil, a point-down pentacle enclosing a goat's head, surrounded by five Hebrew letters spelling out LVYThN ("Leviathan"),

Antone Levay with Marylin Manson (Church of Satan leaders)

Note the hand sign so many use now a days.
Alicia keys threw it up recently at the AMA's at the end of her performance with Jay, notice how the cameras just zoomed in on her gesture.

Here is Antone's Wax figure with the baphomet hand sign again so you all see the similarity...(also note the baphomet in the background once again)

Baphomet symbols in Arts (For Rihanna’s version you can view it in my “Rain Man” in Music blog)

Beyonce, Sasha or whatever.

Model Alice Dellal below has the same outfit on…I guess Beyonce takes the cake on this one over Alice .She incorporated the hexagram to complete the look.

Lady Gaga.

I wasn’t surprised when I found out that her song “Poker Face” was about performing “oral sex” and people have their young girls singing this stuff?

Here is a blog about her link to Masons (illuminati)

Note the position of her hands resemble the position of the Baphomet’s. Also note the one eye symbolically representing the “all seeing eye."

Baphomet headdress..

Jonas Akerlund (note Baphomet on shirt)

He's the man responible for the infamous "Smack My___ Up" video, Pink's symbolic "Sober", and many of Madonna's videos. He was also responsible for Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" video.

Oamarion about Rihanna ( I couldn’t help it and I know this is random)

“I don’t know what is Rihanna’s belief but I think there is a very dark and very sinister part of the entertainment business and I think its very visible" –concrete loop board.

Funny he says this about her when in his video “Ice box” he has a silver baphomet on the wall and designed on his jacket…

If you watch the video pay attention to the wall behind him you will see the Baphomet situated so blatantly against the wall. That video has deep meaning and you can’t take it at face value.

"Ice box" video break down (if your interested)

Lightening Bolt

Simply represents the Expelling of Satan from Heaven
Apparently these people read the bible
Luke 10:18 “And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightening fall from Heaven”

Lady Gaga

The mannequin theme is also popular with her and others. This has some symbolic meanings I will go into that on another blog.

David Bowie (the originator) oh did I mention that David was a follower of Aleister Crowley?? Well he was a devote follower of this Devil worshiper who calls himself “the beast 666” Lady Gaga admires David Bowie I found out.

Rihanna (couldn’t help myself but it is a recurring theme). The Russian Roulette album photo with the “R” that stands for her name is made to resemble the lightening bolt.

Note the covering of one eye? This represents “All seeing eye” I talked about in another blog.

All seeing eye and pyramid (eye of Horus of the Egyptian sun God) Freemasons, illuminati Symbol.

Notice the lightening bolt in the “R” and the emphasis on the “one eye”

It’s not just a fashion statement ( eye of Horus)

What is with the eye patch? this is from her new music video "Wait is Ova" prelude to all her other videos,

am I the only one seeing a pattern here?? Her video "umbrella" was her initiation from then on she got worse (this is beyond the Chris Brown incident)



This is a recurring theme for Lady Gaga if you haven’t noticed .She even slips this gesture in her interviews but no body catches it.
Here is an example interview…within 1:10 she covers one eye and glanced in the camera

She also does the “three ring” hand gesture placed around the eye a lot. This gesture is known as the “ok” sign but it also represents 666 and “I will be seeing you” (all seeing eye of Horus)… in her case I doubt she is telling you “ok” cause that wouldn’t make any sense. And the three fingers are always extended to gesture 666

Another “three ring” gesture. Note: it is placed over the right eye leaving the left viewable

Hey their not always playing the devil’s pawn…hey look it’s B on a bike…I guess Sasha was on stage.

I believe (based on all I have been studying) that media use every form of manipulation to create distraction from the truth, to keep you from thinking too much or asking questions. Some are programmed without realizing it, look at the media news, TV, magazines; it’s all about what the stars wore at award shows, who won the American Idol and other gossips and nonsense…. These are used to sedate the mind so you can easily become programmed and controlled .If you’re distracted you won’t get in the way. These people who run the music industry are intelligent and know what they are doing.

So many Artists in the music Industry have come forth and admitted this, even

Michael Jackson

in so many interviews that I would have to dedicate a whole blog to cover, many don’t know this about Michael but he spoke out against these things, he refused to be controlled or be a puppet for their agendas in the last few yrs of his life, He wanted to warn people through his music like

"They dont really care about us"Coincidently in that video he was dancing infront of the "All Seeing Eye"
painted on a wall. He is wearing a "Peace Sign" which represents the crucifixion of christians.

Christians were crucified on upside down crosses in biblical times.

Unfortunately Michael was also a puppet for the satanic system of the Industry.
Died without giving his heart to Christ. And even after death they continue to make money off

of him!

It is all connected, Politics, Government, Hollywood, Music Industry. One power source controls them all

"Rain Man" In Music

“Rain Man” defined.

Rain (noun) water that has fallen as rain, rain water, a heavy fall, descent of this water.(Verb) to send down rain, to fall as drops of water from clouds, to give or administer abundantly etc..

The name “Rain” means abundant blessings from Above. It can be used for male or female. So Rain Man is referring to a male.
So we can arrive that Rain Man have several meanings

1. Abundant blessings from above man
2. A man that offers abundant blessings from above.
3. A man who likes to make it rain (throw money at strippers in a club)Urban dictionary.

lil wayne

Fat Joe and lil Wayne

“Make it Rain”

Lyrics: “Yeah I’m in this business of terror got a handful of stacks betta grab an umbrella…I make it rain, I make it rain on them H***”

Lil Wayne featuring T-Pain

“Got Money" Lyrics:

“Young Wayne on them H*** A.K.A make it rain on them H***”
“Every body say Mr. Rain Man can we have a rainy day? Bring a umbrella, please bring an umbrella…”

Ya Boy featuring Lil Wayne
“Rain Man”

Gucci Mane

Rain man lyrics;
Imma Rain Man, I make it thunderstorm, I make it Hurricane”
…rain this way that’s what all the strippers say”
Rain Man go away that’s what all the haters say”

Umbrella meanings

Umbrella defined
1. Collapsible canopy that protects from the rain or sun
2. Object like an umbrella
3. Something that gives support, protection, or authority

Umbrella in Latin also translate to “shadow” under the influence of Umbra “shadow” (Encarta world English dictionary)
Umbra can also mean Phantom or Ghost.


The name Umbra appears in the Necronomicon which is a “Fictional” occult book of demonology by H.P. Love Craft.

In the book umbra is one of the thirteen globes of Yog Sothoth a celestial body.
“Twelfth is UMBRA, He appeared like a giant: he can convey money from place to place if though bid him and bestow the love of any woman that though desireth.”
Basically UMBRA is a devil

“Umbrella" Rihanna

(sorry for bringing her up but she will appear in most blogs until she gets help)
In "Umbrella" Jay sings “rain man” is back with little miss sunshine Rihanna where you at?”

Notice “rain man” and Jay are two separate people in that lyric. It says “jay, Rain Man is back with little miss sunshine…” The entity introduced its self as rain man and Rihanna respond saying...
”you had my heart and we will never be world apart…your part of my Entity here for Infinity…”

This song is not about love for a man but a spirit (fallen spirit name Rain Man). Rihanna herself stated on the set of the umbrella video that this song “has a deeper meaning to it, you have to really listen to it” It is possible that Rain Man is a devil?
well he showed up in her video didn't he? here he is if you didn't catch him...
rain man

Baphomet in a pyramid (all seeing eye pyramid) her arms are the outstretched horns, head digitally altered to form the snout. Shoulders eye sockets. Legs the jaw structure.

continuing on...

Devil makes promises if you worship him (as you would worship a God)
Book of Mathew:

Temptation of Christ..(worldly gain)

{8} Again, the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor. {9} "All this I will give you," he said, "if you will bow down and worship me." Mathew 4

Rain man is a god (devil) who offers abundant blessings from above like, money, fame and women. But with a heavy price. You are in bondage… Notice how miserable these artists look and seem? they are not truly happy.
Some portray this in their lyrics. for example

Lil Wayne, Eminem and Joe Budden
Song; The bad, the sad and the hated (you can look the lyrics of this song up for yourselves, it is pretty depressing).


Makes it no secret who’s on his side and how he got where he is.So I didn't have to dig too deep on his issues.

Onstage introduction “rain man” 06 with Proof (his friend)

“my name isn’t going to be slim shady no more, no more Eminem either, I don’t even go by my government name Marshal Mathers…if I do come back you know what my new name gon be? “Rain Man”

Rain Man song lyric;
“I aint got no legs or no brain, nice to meet you…I forgot my name, My name is not to become what I became at this level of fame, my soul is possessed by this devil…my new name is Rain Man”In another live performance he declares in his lyrics “Captain of a cult with an Elite Following” and he mentions the Anti-Christ.
Eminem more in depth of his possession of this entity Rain Man…in “My Darling” where he is conversing with the devil.

My Darling

The Entity speaks;

“This is what you wanted your whole life right boo?
Look at this house, look at these cars, Im soo nice ooohh!
Oh but you didn’t know that fame has a price too?
That your just seeing the downside too?
Loose your best friend from highschool, your wife too
Aint even sure your kid like you…”

"If I cannot have you then no one can
You’re my darling, cuz I possess your soul
Your heart, your mind and your body."

And his songs continues on about being possessed. In another song 3am (which is the demonic witching hour) and so forth. In the album” Relapsed” Eminem makes numerous mentioning of this “Rain man” entity.

Rain Man the 1988 film

In the movie “Rain Man” starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman

A character name Raymond is given the nick name Rain Man by his brother Charlie.
In the movie, Raymond is taken by his brother to a casino where helps Charlie win money.
The character Rain Man is used consistently by his brother for selfish gains.
in one scene...

Woman: “you’re using Raymond, like you use every body.”
Charlie: “I’m using Raymond…Raymond am I using you?”
Raymond: “Yeah”
In one scene Raymond goes through a “transformation” where he is made over to look less savant by his brother.Raymond is suited up to match is Brother Charlie.

In Eminem’s Video “We Made You”

Eminem plays Raymond and Dre plays Charlie. Do you see the connection here? Eminem is Used as Dre’s tool for gains, at the cost of Eminem’s soul (which is possessed).

Back to Jay Z

MTV news room Article titled:

“Jay Z calls His Way with Words the “Rain Man” Flow.”The

article stated; …”though his rhymes are constructed in advance, he never actually writes a word down on paper.”

He refers to his gift as his “Rain Man Flow” named after Dustin Hoffman’s number rattling idiot savant in the 1988 film.

Jay z stated; “ that he use to write down words before he got into the “Rain Man” theme…he then made a connection to how the character in that movie (Rain Man) just started mumbling numbers to describe the process that takes place when he comes up with his own lyrics.

“I started doing Hidden Messages into music to remove the technical then it evolved from there…I guess I am an idiot savant as well” Jay Z on MTV news

Jay z in the studio awhile back stated…

“I look at music like a puzzle, like I try to figure out what Imma say on there, figure out the emotion on the track what its saying…then I go through my RAIN MAN.I cant explain it to yall It just comes out the air for me you start mumbling…”

Idiot Savant-
Remember; “I aint got no legs...or NO BRAIN nice to meet you, Hi my name is… I forgot my name (indicating idiot savant in rain man movie) my name was not to become what I became with this level of fame, My soul is possessed by this devil…my new name is RAIN MAN.
lyrics to Eminem's "Rain Man."

So this Rain Man entity is it a demonic possession that takes over these artists to manipulate and brainwash listeners?

Musical Being...Lucifer (fallen Angel)

Remember Lucifer was created to make music in heaven. When he was cast out of heaven for wanting to be like God. Here today he makes himself known through the very thing he does best…music. And his name is “Rain Man”
to some.

Only difference between Eminem and Jay is that one tells you straight out who is running things. The other seems to be in denial or use hidden messages and masquerade about flashing signs when he too is being used by a demonic entity.

If you have suggestions on topics to cover
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Update 7/30/14:

"Chicken Soup for Your Swine Flu"

Propagandas, Lies, Population control and Capitalization.

“The CDC has not been tracking H1N1 since August 30! They stopped confirming the case of hospitalization and deaths that are H1N1 related”

Are the young and “healthy” really dying of Swine Flu?

Several "healthy" young people have been on ventilators and died from H1N1 locally. Test results come back showing a deficiency of several key vitamins, including D.
Just because people look healthy and are young doesn't mean they aren't eating crap food and getting sunshine. And this Country has not been well known for producing “healthy” youths for one thing.
On the CDC website the death toll for H1N1 was no where close to the numbers the media is telling you. They use the term ILI (Influenza LIKE Illnesses) which shows they are not confirming that most are directly dying from “swine flu” also pneumonia is being classified with H1N1 so it becomes unclear. So you have to shift through the hype and there is a lot of that going on.

Operation Swine Flu

They are setting up mass quarantine facilities, performing military drills incase a riot ensues of people who will become desperate for this shot. And FEMA is making preparations for this operation.
Military Drill?? Does anyone else find this a bit over the top for a common cold? Oh wait I mean “SWINE flu” *gulp*

It is all a trick on the mind, a play on the psych and emotions of people who are already too programmed to believe that the Gov or its representatives are for the people. Hearing “flu” wont sound as threatening as hearing “swine flue” and if you have the media (news, commercials and news papers) in your face about it enough you get fear and anxiety. They say people are dying and throw out numbers without proof and we eat it up.

They have raised a pandemic flu alert to phase 6

This is the same as the US homeland security Code red warning of a terrorist attack. ( has any one seen movies such as “Quarantine, “28 weeks later”, and “blindness” which I find ironic in it’s title since this nation is being blind sighted) were sending you a message of what’s to come. Just as there were movies out about the twin towers being attacked prior to the 9/11 attack such as “The long kiss good night” and “the lone Gunmen” which was released 7months prior to the attacks. This thing is hidden in plain sight.

Approval of Quarantine Bill

The Massachusetts House has approved a bill for quarantine. This bill basically states that you can be held and quarantined and your children would be taken from you to be vaccinated. It approves WARRANTLESS arrests to be taken place.
My point; this is another meticulous plan of controlling the population. The next thing you should ask is why? Well for money that’s why who will be profiting from this? The Healthcare INDUSTRY and DRUG COMPANIES that’s who.

“People died from taking the Vaccine” Hey that is classified information!!

In April navy ship crew broke out with swine flu after being vaccinated. The entire crew was vaccinated before sent off to sea.
“.Crew sickened so severely that other ships had to respond to render aid. 16 Medical Dr.s put aboard from an unnamed aircraft carrier and other responding vessels. Total of 50 Navy personnel sent aboard to respond to crisis. Two of the crew of 347 died – including the Captain of the ship (a Lieutenant Commander) and a Chief Petty Officer.” Barbara Peterson (crew members wife)

This information never got to the public because the Navy claimed this incident is classified information, and the wives of these men were threatened by Navy officials to be quieted. Now they are fabricating the truths to avoid public backlashes. Yes people Government officials do lie.

Human Guinea pigs

The Swine flu vaccine was not fully approved before it was administered to the public. They received a waiver from the FDA so that they wouldn’t have to test it out before giving it, meaning you are human guinea pigs being tested to see if it works out or not. In fact, they did not establish that the vaccine was effective, and did not establish that it was safe. They are trying to get it on the market by a waiver." Attorney Jim Turner

And they are injecting babies with this? Don’t get me wrong maybe it won’t kill you. So what are the quarantines for again? Oh to hold dead bodies…ok.

“Do Americans really want to waste time testing things? A certain Senator was not really tested before he ran for President? So what if there a few side effects? Just listen to drug commercials these days. Side effects may include fatigue, headaches, running noses, blah, blah, blah, ... death. You should contact your physician if you experience any of these. If you die how are you going to check with the doctor and what would the doctor do anyway, lower the dosage?”
Moving on…

The 1976 Swine Flu Epidemic

1976 this same ‘swine flu” and “swine flu vaccine” played on the majority through propaganda.
Commercials were broadcast on the importance of taking this vaccine and the consequences of not taking the vaccine.
As a result of getting vaccinated due to panic of not doing so, many got sicker and died; about 800 people became paralyzed as a result of being vaccinated. And these deaths were written off as death caused by the flu it self. Fast forward to 2008 the US finds its self in another Swine Flu epidemic in the midst of an economy crises and a war raging…coincidences?
I guess maybe they figure the second time around they will do things a bit different, break out the quarantines…sorry still cant get over that.

Media drug pushers

It is interesting that they are so hooked on pushing the vaccine on people that they do little to nothing about educating on alternatives. Do you really need the vaccine? When you could just take your vitamins and eat healthier to keep your immune system strong? No this will not be good enough and why? Because “healthy” individuals are getting sick , therefore you are only given one option “Just take the Damn Vaccine!” quote from some crazy lady on the news.

I had gotten sick twice this year, I never went to the doctor for it. All I did was drank some home made chicken soup and took my vitamins and behold all better in one week. I bet if I had gone to the doctor they would have diagnose me with swine flu and inject me with their swine flu vaccine the miracle drug…please.

Movie With a Message

I was watching a 1988 film last night called “they live” I watched this move once years ago and thought it was scary but watching it again and knowing all that I know about the state of this country and where it is headed…it was shocking, the movie had a powerful message.

Is this is all to usher in the NWO?

There is another movie coming out in November that has to do with 2012. This date is significant in the Mayan Calendar/Age of Aquarius. This is said to be the age of a new era.

Mayan Calendar

What will happen? World Unity movements, this may sound ok and innocent at first but again people are already able to change the sex of their child, able to choose what their babies will look like and cloning. Creating one race? If so this means the wiping out of a certain race and groups, the makings of a major genocide.
How will they accomplish this? By depopulation methods that’s how.

The swine flu propaganda is created to control you through fear.

I am not saying dont get vaccinated all I am saying is do your research first then make your own decisions and not allow the Government to make it for you.

So people wake up and stop watching day time television and talk shows
Get your priorities straight. Feed your brain and look with Eyes wide OPEN