The ParisTerrorist Attacks And Refugee Crisis

This article is created to inform those seeking truth regarding the current events. Here are links and resources that explore issues the main stream media refuse to expose to the public. There are so many factors that are working hand and hand to bring about the NWO that it is hard to keep up! Now in the awake of global warming discussions, racial unrest in US, we have this so called Isis groups conducting terrorist attacks and threats. But are all these events just used for a major cover up? A distraction? A false flag? You be the judge, remember  the key
players in this game of chess....

It was interesting that right before the Paris attack this mysterious youtube account appeared and was
discovered by a you tuber called Dahboo777

And then this suspicious meeting prior to the Paris attacks

And then you have this information that indicate a possible pre planned event.

And of course the spiritual implications of the event.

Band Member that played "Kiss the Devil" Jesse "The Devil" Hughes

Then you have this all occurring on "the devil's day" Friday 13th.

Syrian Refugees

 8-10 Syrians have been detained for illegally crossing the boarder at Laredo Texas!

 Refugee Reported to be missing from Baton Rouge Lousianna, some how he slipped through home security!

 The Refugees are mostly men from ages 18 and up NOT women and children!

Not All are from Syria!

Terror Threats by Isis?

Is Isis another CIA created boogey monster like Al Qaeda? Seems every President will now have their own personal boogey man. And it is clear that these groups have someone funding and backing them.

I find it interesting with all the technology we have in american with the ability to spy on it's citizens every waking moment, that it is near impossible for them to seek out and eliminate bunch of men living in deserts and caves ( most of the photos are of them in such areas).

But then again how is it that they can some how track down a terrorist group leader but have yet to
do didlee squat about the gang infestation in our inner cities.
And why is it that these terrorists leave behind passports that seem to remain intact after bomb explosions, fires etc. and so carelessly drop it? Or would even take along their passports?
So yes these types of events would leave the conscious minded ones...questioning
this entire event and the media and rightfully so.

Obama favors people of his own faith:
Obama blocking christian fleeing Isis to enter the US be continued