Satanic Hollywood

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“In God we trust"

But not the God of the Bible
"In God we trust" on the dollar bill refers to the God Horus an ancient Egyptian God (their God is material wealth, hence the money its printed on).There is a spiritual force that Governs this nation,it is creeping into the life regular unsuspecting victims. Illuminati is real, spirits are real, the devil, possessions are real, devil worship is real and they are recruiting followers by mass deception. Look at movies depicting vampires, sorceries, warlocks, witches; this is all an attempt to make the dark world become appealing to the youth.Behind the scenes there are forces that have constructed a devious plan and it is being enforced through media. The media shape this nation; it is a very powerful tool.Hollywood has mastered the Craft of influence, through the incorporation of satanism.

I spoke a bit about Hitler in my last blog. He used media to brain wash youths as young as 9yrs old. He built a theater roomed for thousands, in that theater Hitler would have these children watch hours and hours of movies that depicted the Nazis in a positive light. This same method is used today...

Antone Levay
Founder of the satanic church

“Television was the major main stream infiltration for the new satanic religion”
“The tv set or the Satanic family alter as grown more elaborate, a major religion for the masses”

Anton Lavey, was advisor to many well known Entertainers such as

Sammy Davis JR.

"Sammy Davis Jr was a Dear freind who often put himself on the line when it was professional hazardous to do so, he BROUGHT MANY INFLUENTIAL PERSONS INTO THE CHURCH OF SATAN..." -Anton Levay

The bible: 1 Timothy 4:1 “In the last days…they will follow lying spirits and teachings that come from demons”
This is basically stating that lies and deceptions by evil spirits will come about to evangelize the world.
This is in attempt to recruit followers in a false unity (New World Order) to rebel against God and war with him.
Revelations 16:14 prophecy stated this fact.


Actors (Greek for Hypokrites) Mathew 23:27-28 “ You hypocrites you are like white washed tombs, look beautiful on the outside but inside are full of dead man’s bones and everything unclean.”

Some actors in Hollywood are made great because they worship and call on other Gods or spirits. They seek mediums and psychics to call on spirits to become someone else.

Denzel Washington 60mins.

"basically what I did was got on my knees and sort of communicated with the SPIRITS and when I came out I was in charge…I couldn’t have acted that…I couldn’t have made a decision to play that”

Oprah Winfrey

“You cannot only use your body and physical self this is how I see acting, I ask my body to be the carrier for spirits of those who have come before me in a way that is most meaningful to the character…just become the vehicle for that carrier”
“ I try to empty myself and let the spirits inhabit me”

Robin Williams (US Magazine)

“literally your in its like possession ..You just get this energy that start is possession, in the old days you would be burn for it, Its like Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, where you can become this other force.”

Johnny Depp (I was once a huge fan)

“I know I have demons I am 30 different people sometimes” ( he was dead serious)

Socrates An ancient philosopher said it best...

"They are simply inspired to utter that which the muse impels them, for not by art or knowledge do they say what they say but by…possession” muse (a demon spirit).

"muses" are demonic spirits that Actors call upon to play roles...

Kevin Bacon (actor) “part of acting is to lose yourself in the moment to let the chaos or the muse come and just enter and happen organically, demons under the surface as an actor you have to keep them bubbling”

Keanu Reeves (actor) “it’s hard to act in the morning when the muses are asleep”

Leonardo Decaprio, Meryl Streep, Halley Berry all admit to being possessed by some spirits to play characters.

TV is the mass persuasion of the world, we admonish celebrities and seek to mimic them most actors don’t even allow their own children to watch TV because they know what can happen, yet they play roles to brainwash your children. I always state that Fans are nothing but followers.

Actor’s themselves are aware of their true roles in Hollywood…

Note: hollywood stars with name engraved are pentagrams (satanic star symbol)

“Tv is definitely guilty of putting unrealistic images of what is socially unacceptable I am guilty of it too”-Jennifer Aniston

“The network says they don’t influence any body if that is true why we have commercials why am I sitting there with jello pudding” Bill Cosby

“All movies are important and they are dangerous you go into a little dark room and become vulnerable it could completely misshape you.” Susan Sarandon

“Why are people so stupid? I don’t care I just put out movies that people want to see and we go for that.” Director George Lucas

“They give us too much power” Rosie O’Donnell (referring to her fans and audiences)
“Hollywood is built on lies coning the American public like politics” –Jeneane Gerofalo

There are so many who look up to these Actors and Entertainers, Desiring to be them and to become a Hollywood star. But very few know what is really going on behind the veil of the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. There is no way to become famous and wealthy in this venue without being exposed to the satanic aspects of Hollywood. Even as a Christian actor...if your seeking to be famous and Well known, this requires denouncing Jesus Christ. It is done through stages not right on the spot when you sign that contract. Little by little you become indoctrinated...There are spirits floating around in the Industry...

The Last Exorcism (produced by Eli Roth a satanist)

Actress Ashley Bell was NOT ACTING.

"That was probably the most fun audition I've ever been a part of. I was sitting in a chair and I asked to lay on the carpet. It was in Lauren Bass' casting office in West Hollywood. I was laying on this carpet, this cameraman was standing over me, I started to contort my body and scream, and this man was summoning this thing out of me. I just said, 'My parents would be so proud.'"

Her contortions were real and the voices she did during possession was so real that they had to Hire actual priest to perform an exorcism on her (to be rid of the demons during filming)

The Exorcist Original Movie...

Actress Mercedes MCCambridge

McCambridge told the New York Times early in 1974. 'All of the devilish vocality is mine --- all of it. Every word!'

There were reports when this movie first came out, people who went to the screening left demonically possessed. And Many incidents occurred during the filming of this movie that suggest an actual demonic spirit being present (to give that real affect)

So you see, its not just Actors Natural gift or Talent that makes them so good and convincing.

UPDATE: 9/05/13

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Please View this eye opening Documentary for full details...


  1. Your blog is amazing. It is scary to see how hollywood is ruled by satanism. I want to stop listening to music and watching movies and focus on bigger things like getting closer to God. God will protect us from this evil and open our eyes to the truth.

  2. this is why I put this blog together. to open our eyes to the truth! Thank God that you are aware and are making steps in developing a true relationship with Jesus Christ.its about all that will save us now.
    Godbless you:) and continue to spread the truth yourself!

  3. i googled and did not get a single hit for a christian actor or actress.Tim Tebow came up and mostly evangelist like Joyce Meyer-Tammy Faye Baker-blah-blah blah I d LOL only its pathetic how tv and Hollywood have become truly controlled by satan- ************************ Go Tebow **********************

    1. yeah there are some genuine christians in the media. unfortunately not enough. Tebow is one of those genuine ones:)

    2. Great blog. I've never been very religious, but this provokes thought. Thank you!


  5. I just have to say I love all you truly ignorant people that are twisting people's word to mean what you want them to mean. You guys really just gave me a great belly laugh thank you for that this is too funny.

  6. Just stumbled on this site..very insightful article,thank you.. I've known about the celebrity/satanist connection for a long time now.Most people I try to tell look at me like I'm barking mad. I find that as soon as satanism is brought up,people switch off...and these are intelligent people!The general opinion seems to be ''if satanism was that widespread,wouldn't we all know about it?'' Take them a little deeper,and try to explain that media outlets are controlled is a waste of breath.For those that know the truth,no explanation is needed...for those that don't know the truth,no explanation will suffice. Keep up the good've got a new fan.

    1. I second that. People think I'm crazy and limiting myself for not watching television or movies and not listening to this filth they call music. In all actuality, they are the sad ones.


  8. Great info, thank you. It is certainly incumbent to bring truth into the public forum after prayerful consideration and leading of the Holy Spirit. Thankfully, Christians aren't called to convince people of their need for a saviour - the Holy Spirit convicts people. So to my mind, the most effective thing I can do as a Christian is to nurture a close, worshipful, genuine relationship with Jesus and pursue His presence. Take out the plank in my own eye before removing the speck in others! He will be eventually reflected in the way I talk with people, and peace and joy that differs to the unsaved person's quest for happiness and enlightenment. As a very wise and wonderful pastor once said "at all times preach the gospel, and sometimes use words".

  9. It's scary to see such good artists turn into such bad influences, I mean there's children in this world who listen to satanist music. It's scary. If I was you, I'd keep away from the satanic music and focus on God. I don't mind if you are a satanist I respect that but keep your influences away from children. I really don't think children should be listening to artists such as Beyoncé,Jay Z Miley Cyrus and they all show satanic signs. Miley Cyrus sticks her tongue out which is satanist.

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  12. What about islam? It is also ruled by Satan. And gays and women and my uncle who used to touch me. Not to mention children or black people. They are all ruled by spirits. Only adult white heterosexual christian males have no spirits at all. All we need is the name of Jesus.